To experience Christ’s grace through meaningful relationships, shared adventures and purposeful service.


FLBC believes that God loves all people; knowing that as we are created in the image of God, we are all welcomed as equal and worthy. In Christ we welcome all, including those who live with disabilities, and those who have been marginalized or persecuted. Our vision is to live fully and safely with our neighbors, regardless of differences.


Flathead Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is a regional cornerstone for year-round transformational ministry. This ministry offers diverse summer camping adventures, and a variety of year-round retreat experiences and serves as a resource to congregations and communities.


Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp is situated in the majestic Rocky Mountains of western Montana. We are a camping ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America committed to proclaiming and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Camp is owned and operated by 55 ELCA congregations in western Montana and is open year-round to groups of all ages.

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp was founded in 1943 and is located on the west shore of beautiful Flathead Lake, about 40 miles southwest of Glacier National Park. On this stunning 250-acre waterfront site, the summer program serves over 2,300 youth of all ages, teaching about Christ and the appreciation of God’s creation.

Summer camping at Flathead contains three distinct programs; Montana Youth, Glacier Wilderness Adventures, and Day Camps.

Our caring, dedicated, and exemplary staff will provide a safe, fun, and meaningful experience for you and your family.  Each summer faithful college-aged staff join the year-round staff to create a nurturing Christian community where the Gospel is learned and lived out every day in fun and meaningful ways.

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp offers a Christ-centered camping experience for people of all ages.  The staff is trained to help campers understand God’s message of grace and to provide positive Christian role models while having an amazing experience in God’s great outdoors!

Bible Study themes are lived out each day through worship, drama, singing, small group Bible study, prayer, arts & crafts, campfire, and play as campers learn about and experience God’s grace.

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp is dedicated to the spiritual, physical, and emotional growth of each person.


Flathead Lutheran Outdoor Ministries boldly proclaims and encounters God’s love as we:


Celebrate Life

Grow in faith and celebrate life grounded in the Gospel

Teach and Preach

Equip one another for lives of faith and service

Welcome Everyone

Embrace community and build relationships

Be Open

Experience awe, adventure and the beauty of creation

Know Your Roots

Remain rooted in Lutheran tradition

Live With Grace

Practice Christian hospitality

Be Salient

Care for the physical and emotional safety of the whole person

Live With Purpose

Create purposeful experiences

Create Access Without Cost

Perpetuate financial accessibility for all interested participants

Demonstrate and Teach Care

Promote stewardship of our resources and the care of God's creation