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Each year, FLBC looks to assemble a team of dedicated, talented, wonderful summer staff. Working at FLBC is much more than just a summer job. Our staff have an opportunity to develop their gifts, leadership skills, and faith while growing with others in a close Christian community. Summer staff experience at camp can also be a huge opportunity to develop professional skills that will be attractive to future employers. All this takes place in the mountains of northwest Montana, one of the most beautiful and ecologically intact places in the United States. Being a Summer Staff member at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp could prove to be one of the most important and rewarding experiences of your life!

The Application is OPEN!

To apply: 

  • Click here to visit our staff application on CampWise. Log into an existing account (as a former camper, staff member, etc.) or create a new account. If you need help accessing your existing account, please reach out to
  • Select the 2023 Summer Staff Application
  • Select the positions you are applying for (descriptions are available for each role)
  • Complete the application and be sure to click submit when you are finished.
  • Send this form to three references, asking them to complete in a timely manner:
  • You may also click here to download and return a PDF version of the summer staff application packet via email or physical mail.
  • FLBC year-round staff will reach out by phone or email to set up an interview as soon as your application is submitted and reviewed. Interviews are done over zoom unless scheduling and location allows for an in-person.

If you want to learn more about working at FLBC before beginning the application, we would be glad to talk to you! Please reach out toe Program Director, Karen, at to find a time to connect.

FAQ’s about working at Camp

Have other questions? Let’s chat!

What do camp staff get paid?

Starting pay is $400 per week + room and board! If you are a returning staff to FLBC,  or have worked at another camp, you’ll earn an additional $10/week (i.e., second summer on staff = $410/week, 5th summer on staff = $440)

Additional incentives are available for lifeguards, turning in all employment paperwork early, fulfilling the full extended summer contract, and some help with transportation!

Each staff’s compensation package will be outlined in their contract!

What does a typical day look like?

Well, every day at camp might look different and every week of your summer might be different!

We offer a variety of programs, so you might find yourself on a day camp one week, and leading a cabin group on-site the next (see a sample schedule of our traditional on-site schedule on this page).

Our two week staff orientation covers what you need to know to work each of these programs; many of our off-site adventure trips will have additional training so that staff have specific skills for those programs (read: Sailing!).

What about weekends?

Every staff person works 1 weekend in the summer, helping to provide programming and hospitality to the groups that are on retreat over the weekend.

Besides the work weekend, staff are off from Friday evening (campers leave, we turn camp around for the weekend, and have a staff meeting) to 9am Sunday morning (we begin with a staff meeting, have brunch and morning worship, then get ready for the new week!). It’s your time to nap, do laundry (unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer on-site laundry facilities; there are great laundromats in town and we can help figure it out if getting to town is an issue; staff who are working the weekend have the ability to do laundry on-site that weekend), explore the beauty of Northwest Montana, go to Target, or whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself and get ready for the next week!

When does summer camp end?

Our regular summer programming begins June 18th and ends August 4th (7 weeks of camp sessions). We continue to provide summer camp programs in a different way after, partnering with organizations such as the Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance and Intermountain Residential Home, where staff provide program and hospitality but do not stay in cabins with the campers. We would love to offer you a contract extension to work these 2 weeks through August 18th if your schedule allows; you would receive your regular weekly compensation and a $1,000 bonus if you worked the whole summer.

Do I have to be Lutheran to work at FLBC?

Nope! We ask that you be willing to share God’s love with everyone at camp, and be a part of a Christian community the affirms Lutheran values. During staff orientation, we’ll teach you how to lead an engaging Bible Study and worship/campfire, as well as have some Lutheran 101 conversations. And of course, the conversations and questions about God and faith are continued throughout the summer as we lead campers through their own faith journeys and accompany one another on ours.

Do I have to work the entire summer, or can I work part of the summer?

Preference is given to applicants who can work at camp for the entire summer. However, we encourage you to apply if you are only available for part of the summer. We would love to talk with you about the possibility of working the first half (start date: June 4th ) or second half (start date: July 8 through end of summer), if you cannot work an entire summer season.

Do you do internships?

Yes! We can work with you to meet your school’s requirements in pretty much any field.


Now Hiring:
Food Service Director

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp (FLBC) seeks to hire a Food Service Coordinator to serve, sustain, and strengthen the ministry the camp offers.

The Food Service Coordinator’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing all aspects of food service, including preparing menus, ordering, inventory, preparing and serving food, kitchen and dining hall clean-up, composting and recycling, working with the gardens, etc.
  • Working with the Program Directors to see that the food service supports the program through learning events, special programmatic elements, and scheduling
  • Working with the Maintenance Coordinator to see that all kitchen equipment is maintained and safe
  • Working with the off-site camps to order and provide food and supplies, as requested
  • Serving on the executive team and attending staff meetings, as requested
  • Creating a warm, hospitable environment for guests of the camp

In addition, the Food Service Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a kitchen to code, planning and preparing quality meals, budgeting, ordering, cleaning, hiring and training staff, supervising staff, cooking, catering, special requests for guests, etc.

This is a Sporadic, hourly non-exempt position. Hours will vary depending on need and season. Compensation: Depending on housing; Rustic housing available on site for one person. Hourly wage depends on on-site or off-site housing. Position could also be salaried with benefits if combined with housekeeping/maintenance.

Position to begin July 1, 2023 (negotiable)


For a complete job description, please click on the button below. Positions are open until filled. To apply, submit a cover letter and resume with three references to:

Margie Fiedler
603 S Main Street, Kalispell, MT 59922

Full Job Description

Now Hiring:
Maintenance Assistant

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp (FLBC) seeks to hire a Maintenance Assistant (responsible to the Maintenance Coordinator) to maintain a safe, clean, hospitable environment for guests and campers.

The Maintenance/Community staff person will:

  • Work the Maintenance Coordinator on the upkeep and repair of buildings and facilities, systems, (sewer, electric, water, kitchen equipment, propane, heating, pumps, and all other equipment) Assist with maintaining all vehicle, grounds, (lawns, trees, raking, mowing, snow removal)
  • Work with the Wilderness and Maintenance Coordinator on the upkeep of the ropes courses, sail boats, wall tents, motor boats, and all camping equipment.
  • Assist to maintain buildings through cleaning, trash removal, recycling, and compost.
  • Other tasks may be assigned

This is a part-time position of approximately 20-25 hours per week. Saturday and Sunday are required work days, Monday – Friday are flexible/negotiable.

For a complete job description, please click on the button below. Positions are open until filled. To apply, submit a cover letter, resume with three references to:

Margie Fiedler
406-890-0662—call or text

Full Job Description

Now Hiring:
Community Staff
for 2023

FLBC is seeking adults to serve on community staff (one-year contract).

This is a great opportunity to learn if you are considering outdoor ministries as a full-time career! You will have the opportunity to learn the behind the scenes of running a camp i.e., staffing, budgeting, philosophy, registration, marketing, program development, strategic planning, and more!

  • Community includes:
    Disciplines of daily devotions, monthly worship, and fellowship time.
  • Each community staff member will be scheduled into cleaning of facilities, kitchen work, facilitating high and low ropes teambuilding (if certified), visits/programs to congregations, work with retreat groups, teach for environmental education groups, office mailings/filing, and maintenance projects. Work will also include one or more of the following “specialties” such as:
    – Summer Registration Coordinator
    – Maintenance Assistant
    – Retreat Coordinator
    – Outreach coordinator, (day camps, retreats, and events that happen in Congregations)
    – Summer program coordinator
    – Garden/Steward/Naturalist Coordinator
    – Volunteer Coordinator

For a complete job description and additional information, please click on the button below. Position can begin at any time. To apply, submit a resume or letter of interest to:

By Mail:
Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp
Attn: Margie Fiedler
603 S Main St 1-406-890-0662
Kalispell, MT 59901

or by eMail:
Margie Fiedler
Executive Director
406-890-0662—call or text


Full Job Description

Now Hiring:
Camp Cook

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp (a year-round camp and retreat center located 3 miles south of Lakeside) is seeking to hire part-time cooks/kitchen staff.

Job includes cooking, prep, service, cleaning, dishes) for evening and weekend meals. Flexible days and competitive wages, plus a fun, positive, hospitable team and atmosphere! Position begins in January 2023.

Please email a resume or letter of interest to executive director, Margie Fiedler,