Wilderness/Operations Director; Development Director; Marketing Director.

Interested? Send a resume and cover letter to Margie at margie@flbc.net


For complete job descriptions please email office@flbc.net

We are also in need of
summer staff…

kitchen, life guards, housekeepers, ground crew/maintenance, counselors.
Summer staff must be 18 or older.

Calling All Alumni Staff…

Would you prayerfully consider being a MENTOR to someone this summer?


Your role may include, but not limited to:
• Talking to the staff member before summer starts, to listen, encourage, and answer questions the best you can
• Refer questions to Karen that you cannot answer • Write notes (email, snail mail) to them throughout the summer
• Take a phone call i.e. during Discovery time, or on weekend time off

If you are interested, please contact Karen@flbc.net

80 Years Young

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp has been providing “experience of a lifetime” outdoor ministry since 1943. At our stunning 250-acre waterfront site, we teach appreciation of God’s creation to over 2,300 youth a year.

Oustanding Role-Models

Our summer staff members are the best-of-the-best anywhere. All of our counselors are trained in leadership, stewardship, crisis management, and kindness.

Healthy Outdoor Fun

With unfettered access to Flathead Lake, FLBC campers have more fun on God’s playground than you can shake a stick at. Swimming, Sailing, Kayaking, oh my.

Unforgettable Experiences

For many young people, coming to camp is a transformative experience. In small ways, large ways, and even intangible ways, every person who embarks on this journey is changed forever.

Upcoming Events

Memorial Day Work Weekend & Family Retreat

You are invited to help transform camp for the summer season. All ages are welcome for this FREE retreat.

May 24-27, 2024

Women’s Retreat

As women we’re often expected to “be nice”. But sometimes “nice” isn’t enough. Deepen your understanding of being a disciple and strengthen your hope and trust in God.

June 7-9, 2024


Summer Family Weekend 2024

Join us for our designated Family Weekend! All friends and families are welcome.

July 12-14, 2024

Pack & Pray
Adult Backpacking Trip

Embark on a transformative journey with Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp’s “Pack & Pray” weekend retreat amidst the majestic Swan Mountain Range in Montana

 Aug 30 – Sept 2

Camp Is For Everyone!

Join us for a retreat any time of year.
Summer Camp Programs

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp offers a Christ-centered camping experience for people of all ages.  The staff is trained to help campers understand God’s message of grace and to provide positive Christian role models while having an amazing experience in God’s great outdoors!
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Custom Retreats

You are invited to be a part of a dynamic adventure in the great state of Montana! FLBC will help you design a special retreat for groups of all ages, year-round! Our decades of experience working with families, church groups, businesses, schools, and others will shine through our hospitality and care for you, our guests.
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How Can I help?

We are able to provide life-changing experiences to kids all over the country thanks to the generous efforts of many. Please call us today if you’d like to learn how you can donate, volunteer, or sponsor a camper this summer.
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Glacier Wilderness Group Adventures

You are invited to be a part of a dynamic adventure in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Glacier Wilderness is a special program designed for high school youth groups and adult groups looking for a spiritual growth experience in the mountains.Learn More
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Employment at FLBC

FLBC seeks hard-working, enthusiastic staff members throughout the year for a variety of positions. Check out our employment page for current opening.
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We Welcome You All Year Long

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp sits on 260 beautiful acres of Flathead Lake shores. We have incredible views of the majestic Mission Mountains. Retreating at FLBC is an opportunity to relax and enjoy fellowship in a time and place apart. Join us for an FLBC programmed retreat!
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Download a full year schedule

Our Mission:

Experience Christ’s grace through meaningful relationships,
shared adventures, and purposeful service.

As a child, FLBC was transformative for me. As a college student, joining the summer staff helped me transition into adulthood. As a parent, I drive from Oregon to Montana every summer to provide my children the same great blessings I received.


This is the best camp ever! 10 stars!

Sasha8 Year Old Camper

It's for real. I had a really good time and met some really cool people. They let us have fun and learn about the good stuff too. #FLBC4ME

Madress16 Year Old Camper

FLBC rocks! We had such a great time and will let everyone know that you are THE place to go in MT!

Amanda S.First Lutheran, Prophetstown, IL

My first thought is WOW! All of you were so generous. You obviously have a wonderful place to have gatherings, but more important is how gracious you are with the gifts you have. I heard such positive responses from all that attended.

Lakeside Elementary StaffProfessional Development Retreat Participant

This was the most organized, accommodating, and educational outdoor education trip that I have
taken my students on.

Cayuse Prairie School StaffEnvironmental Education Participant

I am so thankful for your camp. We look forward to camp all year long. The values and fun camp has given my children is invaluable. On hard days as a single Mom of 9, I think about FLC. How you all have loved my children—I know I’m not alone. So, thank you for allowing my children to come – it is, I believe, life changing. I am thankful.

AnonymousMother of Summer Camper

FLBC has been a constant for me, an anchor, a bright light, home…. FLBC helped me navigate my faith in my teens. FLBC helped me discern my call as a young adult. FLBC helped Bruce and I to raise our children, and FLBC continues to partner with me in my role as a youth minister. I am filled with gratitude for this place and these people.

Traci V.

What you do each summer at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp is vital not only to the future of the Church (and I mean much more than just the ELCA) but to the future of the world. Your accomplishments are substantive, not theoretical. For that, we are most grateful.

Robert and Deborah B.

I wanted to share with you the wonderful experience the youth at New Life had this summer at FLBC. The backpacking trip was a highlight! They enjoyed the leadership and care provided by Claire and Collin. They were given lifetime memories and got to see a part of Montana that many people who live in Montana don’t.

Pastor Jason M.New Life Lutheran, Helena