COVID 2023
Updated February 2023-SOP IK

As always, our main goal is to keep everyone safe! Anyone; i.e., retreat guest, camper, staff who is ill should stay away from camp.
If coming to camp/retreat we encourage all to be vaccinated with all eligible boosters.
Montana does not allow employees or guests to be required to be vaccinated.

Masks are not required for campers or staff; however, they are encouraged.

In order for a minor to be tested, the camp must receive permission from a legal guardian.

Staff will be encouraged to test at any signs of symptoms.

Positive test:
Retreat guest, camper or staff will be required to isolate for 5 days.

If possible, the person will be sent home to isolate for five days; before returning to camp.

The required isolation may continue for more than 5 days if fever persists or symptoms have not improved.

FLBC cannot disclose who is positive for COVID without explicit permission; diagnosis is confidential.

Contact tracing is no longer done.

If there is a confirmed COVID case at camp, we will inform all campers and staff that there has been a case and ask everyone to monitor themselves and report any symptoms promptly. Again, we cannot disclose who tested positive.

Please contact our or 406-752-6602 if you have additional questions. We are eager to see you at camp!!


If you are attending an upcoming retreat, event, or family camp at FLBC please watch this orientation video before arrival.