Summer 2020

This summer, we hope you will join us for a retreat-style experience at FLBC. You can read more about our transition to this style of programming, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions, on our COVID-19 Resource Page.

Families/small groups are invited to camp for a one of a kind adventure, available July 10th – August 14th! Each family/group will be assigned a staff member who will work with you to coordinate all of the experiences you want to have while at camp. Want to spend the afternoon kayaking? You got it! Feeling crafty this morning? Yep, us too. We are excited to be able to provide transformative, Christ-centered camping experiences in a new way this summer. We know you need time away from zoom meetings and technology, and instead time to reconnect to creation and community. So, what are you waiting for…

Let’s start planning your experience!

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This summer I brought five high school youth from my church for a week at camp. Four out of the five had been to FLBC before and had talked a lot about what they loved about FLBC. On my way to camp this summer I was nervous, not about our safety because we had all been carefully monitoring our temperatures the weeks before camp and had talked about social distancing and handwashing. I was nervous because I didn't know if camp would have the same impact without counselors staying with campers, without the same types of big group games. I wondered if camp could be as much fun with separation from other groups during worship and meals. It became clear early on in the week that camp is still camp even if there were new protocols in place. Our time at FLBC was enhanced by the families who were also at camp for the week. The counselors were diligent about wearing masks and social distancing, they were also eager to connect with my group and I was so grateful for the programming that was carefully put into place. Our group had a wonderful time at camp and made lifelong memories. In many ways the time I spent at FLBC this summer felt safer than other places I found myself where social distancing and mask wearing wasn't given such a priority. I am so thankful for time and space with the youth from my church to grow in our faith. Pastor Halcyon

Pastor Halcyon

This summer’s FLBC camp staff made us feel safe with a consistent use of masks, gloves and sanitizer at mealtimes—along with detailed protocol about how we could serve our families and maintain both distancing and ease—as well as the thoughtful cabin spacing and assigned bathrooms. We were truly impressed with the high level of communication during the week. To be honest, as the summer has progressed, all of us recognize that we felt so relaxed at camp because of how health was respected and taken seriously, more so than in our own community. We would return now if schedules allowed and are grateful that camp remains to be a family highlight.

Wow! Thanks so much for all your hard work in making camp happen this year... It was awesome to have this time in all this craziness! We felt safe and so enjoyed the week.

We thank you for going to the effort of providing family camp in a year where it certainly would have been easier to just close the doors. Our time here is cherished and we so enjoyed it.

Did a great job working through limitations from Covid-19. It felt normal even though it was not. Thank you for the well thought out plan for keeping everyone safe.

This is a very hard time in all our lives. This limited what could be done. However, I still felt loved, supported, good programming, and the core values / mission remained the same. I don't feel I missed out on things. I thank the staff for all you have done!

Daily Schedule for summer 2020
August 14th - September 4th

8:15 am: Breakfast (please wait outside the dining hall)
10:00 am: Swimming, hiking, boating open
12:15 pm: Grab & Go Lunch (no lunch on Sundays) (please wait outside the dining hall,
for staff instructions)
1:30 pm: Programming
4:00 pm- 5:00 pm: Registration for new guests
5:00 pm: Orientation for new guests, and receive life jackets
5:30 pm: Dinner
(Friday/ Sunday: 6:15 pm)
6:30 pm: Hike offered, meet in front of Cockrell (not on Fridays or Sundays)
7:30 pm: Evening Campfire (outdoor, distancing in place)
8:00 pm: Evening snack pick up and free time

Sunday Morning:
9:00 am: Worship
10:00 am: Brunch (Cockrell Center)

Shortly after you arrive, you’ll watch the orientation video to understand the policies in place at camp for everyone’s safety.

Additional Information:

  • Minimum stay is 1 night & 1 meal
  • Check-in/registration will take place 4-5pm daily, with a required orientation for new guests at 5pm.
  • We’re sorry, this summer there will be no Thursday Passion Plays or Sunday Brunch & Worship. Additionally, for the safety of our staff and guests, we cannot welcome drop-in visitors this season. If you are going to be in the area and would like to schedule a visit, please contact our office 406-752-6602 and we will set up a time for you to meet a staff member and see the site.