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2018 Summer Staff

Thank you for your interest in applying to FLBC for the 2018 Summer Season! The application deadline has passed, and the online application is closed. However, we are still seeking applicants for a few positions, specifically support staff. For more information, and to apply, please call 406-752-6602 or email kyle@flbc.net

To be considered for a 2018 Summer Staff position, please complete the following steps within the timeframes identified:

  1. Complete the Summer Staff Application (CLICK HERE TO BEGIN). Please note that 2018 Summer Staff contract period begins May 21, 2018 for Leadership and Support Staff -or- June 1, 2018 for Counselors, and extends through August 10, 2018. Applicants hired for a 2018 Summer Staff position are expected to commit to the entire 10 or 12 week contract period. Applicants should list any date(s) of expected unavailability during the contract period in their application for employment. Hiring preference may be given those who can commit to the entire contract period. Undisclosed absences taken during the contract period may be considered a breach of the employment agreement. 

Applications must be received by February 24, 2018.

  1. Distribute the link to the Reference Form (DOWNLOAD HERE) to three people who have agreed to serve as professional and/or personal references on your behalf. (Your three references should also be identified in your application for employment.) Please explain the nature of the position for which you are applying and instruct your references to return the reference questionnaire no later than March 1, 2018. If you have worked at another camp, you must include your former Camp Director or immediate supervisor as a reference

  1. INTERVIEW. In January and February, we will visit several college campuses to conduct in-person interviews with Summer Staff applicants. Personal interviews are a priority. If a “face-to-face” interview is not possible you need to arrange for a telephone/Skype interview. Applicants are responsible for calling and scheduling a time and date for their interview. Interviews must take place on or before March 1, 2018.

To be considered for employment with Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp, applicants must complete the steps above within the timeframes specified. Staff selections are usually made by mid-March and all applicants will be contacted as to the status of their application. Hiring preference may be given to applicants with lifeguard certification and those who can commit to the entire 2018 Summer Contract period (staff orientation through the final summer week of Camp).

If you are selected for hire, we will use our best efforts to extend an offer of employment before April 1, 2018. Your offer of employment will generally include an employment agreement, a job description, a personal information disclosure form, a direct deposit form, and a copy of our Employee Handbook. Should you accept our offer of employment, you will sign and return the forms to our office. The agreement will become effective upon our satisfaction with the results of your background check.

We look forward to an interview with you and again, thank you for your interest in Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp!

With Questions, Please Contact: 

Kyle Lefler,  Program Coordinator 

Ian Bartling, Wilderness Program Coordinator

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp: A Guide to our Ministry

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp is situated in the majestic Rocky Mountains of western Montana. We are a camping ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America committed to proclaiming and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Camp is owned and operated by 55 ELCA churches in Montana and is open all year to groups of all ages.

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp was founded in 1943 and is located on the west shore of beautiful Flathead Lake, about 40 miles southwest of Glacier National Park. On this stunning 250-acrewaterfront site, 3,500 children and adults of all ages are served through summer programming and retreats, teaching about Christ and the appreciation of God’s creation. The summer camping community at Flathead includes youth, families, Glacier Wilderness Adventurers, Day Campers, and retreat participants.

The Youth/Adult programs consist of weekly on-site camps for 150+ third through twelfth grade youth from across the nation and off-site adventure camps for high school students and adults including: backpacking, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, and servant trips to Seattle, WA and the Flathead Valley. Flathead also offers exciting specialty camps, including M-A-D Camp (Music, Art, & Drama), Ranch Camp, Basketball Camp, Cooking Camp, Family Camp, and other adventures.

Glacier Wilderness Adventures is a program designed for youth groups and adults from across the country. These groups spend the week off-site with our staff rafting, backpacking, sailing, or doing various backcountry service projects with the Flathead and Kootenai National Forests, or serving at Camp.

Day Camps are an outreach of Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp into the communities of western and central Montana. Staff travel to congregations to provide weeklong programming for first through sixth grade youth. Evenings may include additional programming with senior citizens or teenage youth.

The basic requirement for all staff at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp is a living and growing faith in Jesus Christ. For ten weeks this summer (eleven and a half weeks for Leadership Staff and Support Staff) our call is to live together in Christian fellowship, to be a worshipping community, to minister to one another, and to minister to the campers. Our work with the campers means sharing ourselves with them. We teach them through example, Bible study, play, and worship. We seek to create an environment of safety, love, trust, and acceptance.

Jesus was a servant first, even to the washing of feet. The glory of Palm Sunday came only once to Him in His life. At camp we too are servants to the campers and to one another. Because of this mission, flexibility and adaptability are vitally important considering the tasks we will be asked to accomplish this summer. When counselors are not assigned with campers, the staff is expected to help in other camp support services (i.e. grounds crew, kitchen, etc.).

All staff must have a deep concern and love for people, and must be willing to serve one another to the best of their abilities. All staff must conduct themselves with responsible and appropriate behavior, both on-site and when away from Camp. As an employee of Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp, our name and our reputation go with you during your “time off.”






May 21

Leadership Staff and Support Staff Arrive

May 21-25

Low & High Ropes Training

May 25-28

Memorial Day Family Work Retreat

May 28-30

Leadership Staff Training

June 1

Counselors Arrive, Training Begins for all Summer Staff

June 1-16

Staff Training

June 15

Staff Commissioning Service

June 17

Summer Camping Programs Begin

July 6-8

Summer Staff’s Family Weekend

August 10

Staff Closing Worship and Communion

August 11

Staff Check Out and Final Evaluation Due


Applications for 2018/19 year-round Community Staff


will be available this summer.